We wish we were in Miami

We wish we were in Miami

We wish we were in MiamiWe wish we were in Miami


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What is SubmitAndPray.com really about...?



When we started working with SAP there was very little material available to show users (not the damn config guys) what to actually do in SAP.  Having worked at multiple companies using SAP we can safely say there are a lot of confused people out there.  Some of them are actual competent, so the SAP piece of this is directed towards them.

For those who are confused and incompetent (you know who you are), there will be a page to help you get better at problem solving in SAP.  I am thinking of calling it the "Lunkhead" page.



Sometimes working in SAP reminds us of Terrorism, so we have a page dedicated to understanding Terrorism better.

This page is designed to study Terrorism as a strategy of Political Insurgency.   The intention is to elevate the views of people who worry me, American voters.

At some point we will tie this into global warming, as it is destined to cause an increase in "Failed States".  If you do not believe in the science around global warming, you are stupid and should get off my site.

My Murdered Life


Our careers have basically been in middle to lower upper management.  Titles like supervisor, department manager, plant manager, director, etc.

As time has progressed, we have come to realize that years of trying to appease bosses and employees both has essentially used up our limited time on earth.  It has murdered  us.

This page will identify the killers.

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